Hepburn Health’s Aged Care facility in Creswick is set for some significant redevelopment.

Funded by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) this project is the first stage in a long term redevelopment to bring the existing Creswick Aged Care Residential facility up to date with contemporary DHHS standards of care (as outlined in government policy and DHHS Design Guidelines for Aged Care Residential Facilities).

The existing aged care residential facility has 30 residential aged care beds housed within 18 bedrooms. Most of the bedrooms are shared and all but one of which has shared bathroom facilities.

The current state government guidelines and policies in aged care give preference for all new facilities to have all single bedrooms, each with their own private ensuite.

The new facility establishes a new 12 bed cluster of rooms, with an additional 2 swing beds. All these new bedrooms will have the capacity to meet best practice design in layout. The cluster itself can be sealed off from the rest of the facility. Built around a central courtyard it has access to its own private external space. It also has appropriate access to staff and support spaces. Being self-sufficient and designed to allow for stress free circulation it will have the capacity to house able bodied dementia patients. The Cluster pod has been designed in scale and amenity to feel homelike.

“We are delighted that this well-loved facility will be embarking on a significant development to better meet the needs of our residents and the local communities we serve. It could not be more of a privilege and more humbling to be able to provide the best possible care for our older community members. This round of funding means that we will be able to provide the dignity of contemporary aged care with single ensuited rooms, wider doors and modern comfortable design.” Said Maree Cuddihy, Hepburn Health CEO at the launch.

The Creswick & District Community Bank has donated $94,000 towards the creation of a sensory courtyard garden which is destined to become the centrepiece of the new development. More than simply an aesthetic enhancement, the garden offers significant wellness, safety and lifestyle benefits for residents. The integration of the garden at the centre of the newly built residential rooms will add amenity and a therapeutic level of natural filtered light into many of its rooms and interior spaces, making the new development easy to navigate, particularly for those residents with dementia.

The construction phase was launched with a ‘turning of the first sod’ performed by Victorian government Cabinet Secretary and Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas and Hepburn Health’s CEO Maree Cuddihy.

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