10 year old pupil supports end-of-life care

Creswick Primary School pupil Zahlia Zammit is much like any other 10 year old, enjoying athletics, playing Four Square with her friends and having a love for all animals. What sets her apart from her peers is a unique passion for supporting locals in end-of-life care.

The young Broomfield resident independently decided that it is vitally important to care for people in the last stage of their lives. She then set about to achieve this aim by raising money for Creswick Hospital’s newly refurbished Palliative Care room.

Mature beyond her years, young Zahlia started baking cupcakes and has raised $512, a total she never imagined in her wildest dreams when she first started. It’s truly cupcakes for a cause!

The local community has been very supportive, with various locals donating ingredients. The Creswick Bakery also pitched in and donated a batch of cakes to fill an order when Zahlia was unwell. She didn’t want to potentially make others sick too, as these cakes were a donation from Zahlia for participants attending a “Dying To Know” event at the end-of-life organisation Shannon’s Bridge.

This young activist bakes most nights in readiness to sell her delicious wares the following day. The fundraising project has already achieved many positive outcomes, including sharpening her focus and drive, teaching her something about business as well as cementing a real pride in what she’s achieved. Indeed, during her project’s short life she’s become quite the role model for children and grown-ups alike.

Attended by nursing staff and Zahlia’s family, the presentation ceremony naturally concluded over an afternoon tea – of cupcakes!

PHOTO: Zahlia presented a personalised cheque to Hepburn Health’s Fundraising Committee member Sue Craven and Chief Operating Officer Phil Catterson and, in turn, received a Certificate of Appreciation expressing the admiration and gratitude of the health service for her initiative.

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